A_ka_dope "in the wild episode 2"

A_ka_dope "in the wild episode 2"

By Pelindah |article Monday April 15th 2019

A_ka_dope "in the wild episode 2"

There're certain platforms an artist performs at and feels appreciated. This previous Friday 12th April 2019, I was really humbled by the ambiance of the A_ka_dope audience. 

The crowd was really supportive and attentive enough to listen what I a simple Ugandan upcoming artist i had to offer.

Every Ugandan artist needs to perform on that A_ka_dope stage. The band members were so creative and put in lots of effort to make sure everything was perfectly done.

Whoever read this article and is an artist or knows one in that kind of line, kindly contact the A_ka_dope management and ask them for that opportunity to perform. Am really sure you'll like it.

Thank you very much for reading my short article filled with gratitude. 

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